Join the Group of Elites to create a
positive work
life balance
Join the Group of Elites to create a
positive work
life balance
Get Your Exclusive Access To SmartWealth Now!
Get Your Exclusive Access To SmartWealth Now!
How Does It Work?
Much like all other affiliate marketing programs over the web, that let you earn money online, our program also works on a referral basis.  

First, you register with us on for the program. Then you get a referral link. All you need to do is, spread this referral link to as large an audience as you possibly can. And with each purchase of our product that happens via your referral link, you get a 10% commission. 
Who Are We?
Smart Wealth was founded on the timeless principles utilized by the masters of industry, and it is being brought to everyone who is willing, daring, and brave enough to take control of their own lives.
Never before has this level of content been brought to one place, with a complete system that takes our students, partners, and PG executives from poor credit, and in debt, to a net worth in the millions.

The wealthiest billionaires in the world have the same rule book you do, they just had a better coach.

We founded Smart Wealth as an offshoot of BeneShield Financial when founder, Jeffrey Sokol, decided that the public needed to know what the wealthy know. Only here, instead of just giving you the book, we involve you in the game.
So How Can This Take You From Yawn To Yowza?
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Get Your Exclusive Access To SmartWealth Now!
Don't just listen to us...
I've been in the insurance and financial industry for over 20 years, but the actionable concepts introduced here in the SmartWealth Series were mind-blowing and have changed my entire career for the better. I recommend Jeff Sokol's book "Smart Wealth Secrets" to all of my retirement and insurance clients. The knowledge they gain is irreplaceable.
Howard B.
From New York, NY
SmartWealth has completely changed the way I look at not only my retirement, but my entire financial life as a whole. This was incredibly eye-opening and showed me possibilities I never could've dream't of before SmartWealth.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
The OPM Academy combined with the Smart Wealth training was the best combo I could've received. As an insurance agent I was always living paycheck to paycheck, now I have a resource and a new skill set that will secure my family financially for the rest of our lives.
Danny M.
From Mobile, AL
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